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Announcement from the Ministerial Search Committee

For those who were unable to make it to service Sunday, April 9th, for the MSC announcement...

Our announcement today isn’t the one Im sure you all want to hear, nor is it the one we want to give.

Although our search efforts did result in candidates with whom we felt we could share our ministry, as we all know, what goes into individual choice is incredibly personal and complex and the final choice belongs to the candidates themselves. And so, we must report that the ministers with whom we felt we could move forward, chose to go elsewhere.

We are therefore extending our search for a new minister. This means that we have entered into what the UUA refers to as Round 2 of the search process. Starting April 14, we will have access to a new list of ministers in search. The ministers on the Round 2 list should not be viewed, in any way, as 2nd tier or less than in skills and ability to the ministers we saw during round one. Being in Round 2 might just mean that for whatever reason, they, like us (and 25% of the congregations in search this year), were left without a match at the end of Round 1. This new list of available ministers might also include new entries into this year’s search. Meaning, they just recently decided that they wanted a change, or maybe they are brand new ministers who’ve just been granted preliminary fellowship.

The extension of our search means that Candidating Week and any and all meetings and events related to it, originally scheduled for April 30 through May7, must be postponed. We hope to be able to reschedule Candidating week for late May or early June.

We understand that this news is disappointing and we know that many of you will have questions - for those that were unable to attend service and/or the Q&A session during Enrichment Hour today, you can always send your questions or concerns to the MSC at search@pbuuc.org or chat us up the next time you see us at service.

We all want you to know that we still feel good about this process. We are still enthusiastic and hopeful, and we will stick with this project until we find our minister. 

Ebeth Porter

On behalf of the Ministerial Search Committee

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