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PreK – Kindergarten

Spirit Play

We see the purpose of religious education as helping children in living into their own answers to the existential questions: Where did we come from? What are we doing here? How do we choose to live our lives? What happens when we die?

Our younger classes follow a Montessori approach called "Spirit Play," adapted from Jerome Berryman's "Godly Play." As in Montessori classes, the key elements are the classroom environment and the teachers. These elements free the children to work at their own pace and explore their own responses to the story of the day, using a variety of media and materials.

The morning begins with the worshipful elements of the Ghandi Peace Prayer, a Song and a Chalice Lighting.

There are always two adults in the classroom.

The Door Keeper greets each child individually at the door.

The Storyteller leads the circle in the story of the day, followed by the wondering questions and discussion.

Children choose an art response or to work with a story previously heard, helped by the Door Keeper.

Children participate in clean up, and the closing brings the group back into a circle for a ritual of saying good-bye.

Spirit Play is the RE Model that will be used in the preschool—kindergarten and early—upper elementary classes this year.

This year, our Spirit Play theme is the Seven Unitarian Universalist Principles; presented to children as Our Promises to One Another.

Stories explored in the "Rainbow Promises" theme teaches these seven principles to create a rainbow of love: * the first letters spell ROYGBIV

  1. Respect all people
  2. Offer fair and kind treatment to others.
  3. Yearn to learn throughout our lives.
  4. Grow in spirit and in mind.
  5. Believe in your ideals and act on them.
  6. Insist on fairness and work for peace.
  7. Value our connection to the earth.

The stories are engaging children's stories from many sources.

We will also celebrate some holidays with seasonal holiday stories.

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